Structured Cabling

West-Technologies Engineers have implemented a wide variety of different sized networks all over Europe including Shopping Centre’s, Warehouses, Country Estates, Shops of all sizes, Studios, Houses ranging from 10 points to a 30,000 points. We offer a range of network products to meet your needs and budgets.


Structured cabling gives you more flexibility and gives you a high level of future proofing to whatever environment you have as it enables you to move phones and IT hardware including printers fax machines, PC’s and EPoS simply by moving a cable in your patch cabinet without having major work carried out. All employees receive regular training on quality, health and safety and specific technical skills both in house and via our partnerships with major manufacturers and distributors.


If you have large campus with multiple comms rooms, building such as a Warehouse or have multiple buildings within your estate we can install Fibre Optic cable which enables you to link cabinets over Kilometers if necessary and then localize cabling to any part of the setup.


We recently completed a project which consisted of running in infrastructure cabling in a large Shopping Centre installing 9 runs of fibre cable, up to 5.5 kilometers of both Multi Mode and Single Mode running to a selection of aggregation points then running from there on with 4.5  kilometers of CAT6 to  individual store locations where Access Points will be installed to give customers full visitor wireless Internet access.


Copper Cabling

  • CAT5e UTP / FTP
  • CAT6 UTP / STP
  • CAT6a SSTP
  • Coax based Cabling with BNC Terminations
  • Audio Visual CAbling Solutions


We are authorised installers for a number of market leading manufacturers and distributors, all cabling installed is with a 25 year product and performance warranty




Fibre Optic Cabling

When a client has a large site or campus we will run in fibre optic cable to support network speeds and enable network to spread across a larger estate. We run in Singlemode and Multimode fibre optic cable to ensure the correct cable is selected for a specific job. Our cabling solutions are proven across a wide range of applications, utilising cable and components manufactured, installed and tested to both national and international standards such as BICSI. As a result we can offer a range of fibre optic cabling systems to provide solutions to our clients individual requirements. Fibre cabling is installed by our fully trained professional engineering staff using the latest technology, all tested to stringent parameters ensuring that the fibre back bone provides maximum network performance.


  • Multimode fibre installation, testing and commissioning
  • Singlemode fibre installation, testing and commissioning
  • Fibre fault finding and repair


We are authorised installers for a number of market leading manufacturers and distributors, all cabling installed is with a 25 year product and performance warranty



Voice Cabling

If voice cabling is ever needed we can also supply, install and terminate. We will mainly use to so we can move line boxes to a more suitable location and add and NTTP connected back to a DP. We have completed Telco moves throughout Europe and are familiar wiith how local telecom present the lines so as not to prevent hold up in a project.


  • CW1308 Multi-pair Cabling for internal and external cabling.





As we cable we will supply a dedicated route to meet installation standards and are experienced with installing containment in a mixture of environments including Commercial, Retail and Industrial.


  • Trunking - Metal and Plastic
  • Conduit - Metal and Plastic
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Basket



Termination and Support


We Own our own Fusion Splicer, Fibre termination kit and Fluke DTX1800 Analysers to ensure we can terminate, test and repair at a moments notice to enable us to support you sites when you most need.



Comms Cabinet Tidy up.

Over time Comms cabinets need a tidy and things get added without being logged. We will visit your site outside your normal hours to get your patch cabling tidy and logged along with clean one of you most critical areas of you business to act as preventative maintenance. We have worked with a number of corporate clients offering this service and been able to seamlessly strip back cabinets and re-install overnight without any negative affect to business.


Whether you want to upgrade your existing cabling, setup a new building or relocate your office, we can offer a free meeting and survey and then propose an installation plan to suit your needs to ensure your ready for operation with a minimal disruption. At the end of the project we will also update your drawings and supply you with a comprehensive patch record to enable you to continue supporting your site wherever you are based.




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