CCTV Installation


We started installing CCTV systems some years ago after spending many years installing people counters for our retail clients. As the likes of Axis brought out IP Cameras it was a perfect opportunity to add to our service list. On a number of sites we had been installing and terminating the data cable ready for 3rd party CCTV installers so made sense to reduce client costs and install the cameras while up there. We worked on educating our team on setup and positioning and now offer this service to you.


The standard systems we install are Axis cameras with Milestone software running on a HP server but there are a mix of solutions available for you so we will meet with you to establish your requirements and scale of  a project to ensure you have the most suitable solution for you. Whether you need one camera to monitor an area through to covering your entire building we can work with you to ensure you are fully protected and building is secure.


With our Networking knowledge we can also install a firewall in your premises to enable you to get remote VPN access to your site so you can check your cameras remotely if needed.




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