IT Installation


IT Installation


West Technologies have installed IT Hardware to clients in a diverse range of sectors from small office set-ups with 5-10 users up to large corporate clients with mulitple large offices often with several hundred iin each of those offices. We have also installed and supported a numbers of retail stores across Europe where it is critical to meet deadlines for openings and have everything working.


We will act as an extension of your team with supporting a small internal IT team or we are your IT department and team members are regularly seen as an extension of your team as we work to simplify any explanation to ensure you are kept in the loop and understand what we may have done to resolve an issue or propose a new solution. We Own IT, Do IT, Done.


Our skills include Network installation covering configuring WatchGuard and Cisco Firewalls both with site to site VPN's to bring your estate together along with enabling mobile user VPN so people can connect while on the road or working from home. We install servers, PC's, Laptops and offer 24x7 monitoring to ensure your estate is kept up-to-date with software releases etc... We also manage  users on office 365 to ensure they can get their email, sharepoint access along with other cloud services.


Give us a call today and we will come and meet you to discuss your requirements offering you a  FREE No obligation, consultation meeting to discuss and understand your business on your current setup and work with you on a plan for the future whether office expansion, upgrade of hardware or just to work with a new support company.


West Technologies offer a wide range of implementation services, to give you an idea of the type of work we do please see below some of our recent projects:



Project management and Rollouts

• Opened new stores in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Turkey working closely with software providers

• New EPoS roll outs including full software upgrades, pre image of drives in our facility prior to go live and management of shipping to site plus engineers to meet and install.

• Stage, Ship, On Site Engineering out of hours to upgrade an estate of over 200 Tills to Windows 7 Operating System and new software

• Stage, Ship, On Site Engineering upgrading an estate of over 3000 users to Windows 7 on a mix of Desktops and Laptops all set in local language.

• Manage and supply engineering for Traffic Counter upgrade to various locations across 11 Countries.

• Stage, Ship, On Site Engineering out of hours to implements 300 tablets accross 14 countries in 5 weeks.

• IT room re locations / tidy ups.

• Set up several head offices including all structured cabling, PC’s and mail servers.

• Implementation of server 2012, Windows 7 upgrades, roll out along with mail upgrade to exchange

• Implementation of server 2000, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 roll out along with mail upgrade to exchange

• Comms Room Mapping and Tidy ups

• Router Roll out to 150 Locations

• Serber Upgrades and Rollout

• Hardware Staging in our dedicated lab prior to install

• Stage, ship and install additional tills for Christmas.

• Installation of Networks plus people counters in stores to monitor customer flow and dwell time in stores.



• Comms Room Mapping and Tidy up across a clients 9 shopping centres linking 500 users.

• Cat 5, CAT6 data cabling and termination integrating phone systems over structured cabling over multi campus sites. Our engineers have worked on a mix of large projects up to 30,000 points plus sites such as Heathrow T5, Military Projects.

• Patching, supplying patch cables and patching.

• Fibre networking to large campus sites

•  Implemented CAT5 / CAT6 networks with a fibre backbone where runs need to be over 90Metres.

•  Install new Data Cables in a number of stores and upgrade traffic counter unit.

• Wireless network roll outs from single users up to 150

•  Install 5.5 kilometeres Singlemode and Multimode Fibre backbone between aggregation points across a large shopping centre, then run in over 4.5 kilometeres of  internal and external CAT6 to give a full Wi-Fi network to customers across the estate.


Installation and Support

• PC support on various platforms – Windows 10 and Windows 7 plus knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, Office and Lotus Notes.

• MACS, configuring and supportig and working within your estate.

• Windows Servers covering file and print, Exchange,

• Centrally managed Anti Virus including Norton, McAfee, Kapersky, Webroot, Sophos

• PC support on various platforms – Windows 10 and Windows 7 plus knowledge of Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

• Routers, switches ADSL, SDSL and Lease line telephone technology.

• Network infrastructure and set up

• Network topology

• Hardware maintenance and support for a retailer in 10 countries

• We operate a helpdesk taking a range of calls from offices and retail outlets 24x7

• On Site Support Visits  Throughout the UK and mainland Europe.


Firewall and VPN

• Set up of Watchguard and Cisco Firewall’s

• Creation of VPN tunnels between sites and remote access for users.

• Security of your IT network



• Servers including mail set up, file and print.

• Cloud Solutions for file sharing and central backup.

• Phone systems, upgraded systems across various retailers estates along with managing telecom providers in different countries using ISDN and SIP trunks.

• EPoS systems

• 3rd parties e.g. Helpdesk’s, Suppliers.








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