As part of our service delivery to you we can supply a wide range of technology to you, these include Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Access Points, Servers, PC', Laptops, Point of Sale Hardware, Network infrastructure hardware, Audio Visual and CCTV. We have extensive agreements in place with all the leading manufacturers of hardware you require. and have thousands of items available for next day delivery.


We make it our job to find the product you're after at the right price, some clients come to us and need to mirror what's in their global estate by exact product ID's, others approach us and ask advice subject to price, specifications and our knowledge over products that we have supplied for others to ensure we are offering impartial advice based on long term observations across the board.


Some of the brands we work with are HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, WatchGuard, Apple, Cisco, Samsung, Zebra, Meraki, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Adobe, Siemens, TE/


By offering such a wide range of product it means we can be a one stop shop for your needs.













Our main warehouse facility is based in Derby enabling us to get to a majority of locations within a couple of hours for replacement hardware. We then have lock box locations through where key hardware is held for clients where required to ensure items can get to site in a timely manner.


In our facility we have staging areas where we can prepare hardware for new stores, special projects along with configure hardware for support calls.


In the past three years we've had over 35,000 items come through our doors for various clients.


Our Facility is fully covered with internal and external CCTV cameras along with utilisation of security company to assist in the monitoring.


All asset numbers are captured as hardware is received into our facility, this enables hardware to be tracked by a unique 3XGP ID, the Model or Serial Number, this means we can offer a full history of a particular product and establish where items ship to for internal cross charging or just reference. Every time we ship we also send a change request sheet to show the detail of each item picked. We can then keep track of what hardware ships to which sites so at any point you can find the location and full history of any particular item.


Our logistics team has full  access to a clients inventory to enable them to provide spare parts to our field engineers quickly and efficiently which in turn enables us not to over stock and provide a better service.


When we ship we either work with UPS offering a next day service to most of Europe , for large projects we partner with a dedicated transport company to ensure kit arrives on time ready for installation.



We always stage hardware before it leaves our facility whether its a replacement printer, laptop, server or a large scale project where we need to setup as though it was in it's final location. By fully staging the hardware it means we are reducing chance off DOA hardware plus means we can reduce engineering down on site as  everything has been pre configured. Ultimately this means invoicing is lower and less chance of on site over run.

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