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West-Technologies install and Support a wide range of manufacturers EPoS systems throughout UK and mainland Europe to date installing systems to 15 countries across Europe with systems set to local language, installations usually include Staging of hardware prior in our facility to it being shipped to site to minimise issues and reduce time on site, we then organise the shipping to site with engineers then meeting it to unpack, install, test then handover.


Our Installations are to the highest of standards which includes labelling plugs and connections and using coloured cables to aide remote support leaving cables coiled and tidy where required. While on site our engineers will also relocate telecom lines if required finishing every job with a full patch record of what’s plugged in where.



When support is required to site we will work with you to establish SLA’s then meet the deadlines with a quick, effective and efficient service to either ship new configured hardware to site or dispatch an engineer to install as required.


The support we offer will meet your requirements as detailed within contract and we will get to site to resolve issues in a timely manner, this service can compliment our helpdesk or your own internal helpdesk sending engineering to site whenever requested.


Preventative Maintenance

Not only do we go out to repair your technologies when issues are escalated we can also offer preventative maintenance to your stores where we can carry out the following:


· Clean machines of dust

· Repair unreported issues

· Clean the area of cash desk and back office where technology lives,

· Tidy cabling if required

· Label Data Outlets, Phones, Hardware

· Install additional Tills for peak


Preventative maintenance visits will get a site ready for peak trade and is proven to reduce the number of calls when stores are needing full operation and reliability of systems. These visits are ideally positioned around October and November to get to stores before peak trade.


General Information

We work with a number of companies who have their main IT operations outside the UK as far a field as the United States and Australia. We hold their spare IT stock in our warehouse, dispatch as required or attend site to support to repair issues within a timely basis, we can also have regular scheduled visits to high profile sites or European Support Offices to pro-actively address ad resolve problems before they become issues which will aide in keeping operations running smoothly.


We can also help you out if you’re in the process of selecting a new EPoS solution, offering independent advice to pick a package that’s right for your business, call us and we assign you with a dedicated project manager that can work as though they’re on of your team to help you select the best solution for you.




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