Richard West - Managing Director


While at School I always had ambition to be involved in business and have always looked at different ways to work an issue get something done, my hunger for work started at 13 where needing pocket money I was told to get a job if I wanted money so I jumped on a bus into Cambridge and got a job in a small cafe serving drinks, sandwiches and cakes and demonstrated I could put in the hours needed though with very little reward as I collected my £10.00 pay cheque for a days work.


Moving forward I found myself working for Gap inc in Cambridge starting off as part time sales associate on a 0-16 hour contract which through showing passion, energy and desire I quickly progressed to full time and within three months given the opportunity to work through their trainee management programme before being sent on my travels around the UK to work in a number of stores working my way through retail management, after 8 years I was ready for a change and an opportunity came up with their in house store systems team managing new store openings through Europe along with working as part of their support team and found new ways of getting stores opened looking initially from a store operational perspective which still stands strong today in enabling us to make things happen to keep a store trading..


This opportunity gave me the skills in IT to move forward and develop my career. It was during this period where I had the concept of West-Technologies as couldn't get the quality of service and fast response needed in the retail environment. I remember one day asking our installer to send a printer to a site for the next business day to replace a broken unit and was told it would take two to three days as had to go from my formal request to the project office  who could then formally send to the warehouse to get a pick request on the system to then get a forklift driver to get the pallet down and get the hardware to staging to configure and then get it to shipping who would send to goods out and then it would finally be dispatched. Knowing how urgently these items are needed for a retail team I said why can't we just send someone to pick it, configure and ship meaning a request can be handled at pace.


In 2004 we received a call from an old colleague who had moved away to Australia and wanted advice on finding a new installation and support company in Europe so it meant we would be able to kick-start the company with one client quickly followed by another couple which would mean I could pay myself for the first month so made a call to quit a well paid job and  3XGP Ltd was formally up and running.


During the first 13 years we opened stores in 16 different countries and worked with a diverse range of clients from single office set-ups to global corporations who have a large number of retail stores. We have worked on roll-outs of several thousand machines to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 plus upgraded network hardware, Wi-Fi solutions to name a few.


Most recently we have changed the name of the company to West Technologies as everyone was always getting confused with which way round the letters were and in short knew us and often known to just say to call "West". Our engineers install to the same standard we set out to achieve in the early days with customer satisfaction being our number one priority. Whatever work we're carrying out we as a team try and find the best way of doing a job and trying to simplify as less is definitely more, ideally challenging the way everyone else does things to make you wish you'd moved to our services years ago.


As a team we look forward to working with new clients and setting a new  standard of service to exceed your teams expectations so please give me a call and I can run through our offering in detail and work out an action plan to work with you for years to come.


Our company motto: Own IT, Do IT, Done.


Richard West: Managing Director

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